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“When finishing a painting, it is crucial to be honest about your level of ability.  If you are not, you may work a painting to death in the attempt to achieve a standard of excellence that you are not yet capable of realizing. This is true for all of us, not just for beginners.
It is counterproductive to your growth as an artist to judge your work by standards you are not yet able to attain. So don’t sabotage your efforts by criticizing your work for not yet being as good as you one day hope it will be. Instead, celebrate the courage and perseverance each painting represents, then move on to the next one.”
Eric Wiegardt




Studio 30 is a group of artists who paint or draw in and around Victoria, BC, Canada. Club members work in a variety of mediums including watercolour, acrylic, oil, colour pencil, ink, and pastel.  Studio 30 members display their work at shows in local malls and other venues.

The group enjoys a varied schedule of guest speakers and demonstrators for the meetings running from September to May each year.

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