Lois Kissinger

Lois was born and raised in Victoria and has been creating art for 20 years.

Over the years she has had many craft related hobbies.  Her art journey began with watercolour,  inspired by the shining light from within and the flowing qualities of this medium capturing her interest and imagination. Recently, she has been trying her hand with acrylic painting and finds that she enjoys the many textures and bold colours available through this medium. So, now for her journey into the world of acrylics.
The subjects of her paintings began with floral botanicals and have since branched out to animals and picturesque scenes gathered from her hometown and travels. She hopes you have as much pleasure viewing her paintings as she has had creating them.

  • Mi Casa by Lois Kissinger
  • Birch Trees by Lois Kissinger
  • Pretty Poppies by Lois Kissinger
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